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UK Truck Simulator v1.4 Download

Download UK Truck Simulator latest version 2020 full version for PC free. The UK Truck Simulator game system requirement is Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. It is also compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit operating system. It’s compatible file for Mac has been released and available on Mac app Store. Users are experiencing by playing UK truck simulator game in the beautiful location of UK Cities. They start their vehicle ignition and set off for the UK motorway. They can enjoy with the drive across the realistic depiction of Scotland, England, and Wales.

Game Name UK Truck Simulator
Developer UKTruckSimulator
Compatible with Windows
Required OS Version Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10
Version v1.4
File Size 266 MB
Extension EXE
Updated Last Monday

The game offers to select sixty kinds of cargo. The player has to deliver the selected cargo on time drive through the beautiful cities of Wales, England, and Scotland. To build your business grow the truck’s fleet, and a good driver who has a good command on driving.

Download the UK Truck Simulator game for Windows as EXE file setup. Read the following detail about the game before start the downloading. You can check the system requirements on the downloading page after following the downloading button. So check the information about the game here.

UK Truck Simulator:

The developers have designed this game inspired by seven major European truck manufacturer’s design. They have included the MAN’s official license. The beautiful cargoes need to be deliver in time through the 18 beautiful cities of UK. These cities were connected through the networks of motorways as well as smaller roads. The driver must follow the UK driving law that the driver has to drive in the left with the steering wheel on the right side.

UK Truck Simulator game download

UK Truck Simulator game is available in twelve (12) languages to play. The users from the all over the world whom are understand any language of these 12 can download and play it. The available languages are English, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Nederlands, Norsk (bokmal), Italiano, Purtugues, Svenska, Cesky, Suomi, and Francais.

This game has some different rules as well as features. The player initially start work with the cargo services as employee. Through the work hard he/she can buy his own truck. After buying own truck he/she can start its own business.

He/She can deal with the garage sellers to purchase them for their company. He/She can expand their company branch offices throughout the UK to expand their business. Through the setup of branch offices, the business owner can accommodate the companies growing truck fleet. At this stage he/she can use the truck upgrade feature to maximize the efficiency by keeping them on the top conditions.

The digital distributed free version of this game is available only for one-hour trial version. The user can play for only one hour.

History of the Game:

The UK Truck Simulator is developed by the most popular developers SCS Software. It is a vehicle simulation game available for Windows and Mac. It is initially released on February19, 2010. UK Truck Simulator is released for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating system.

The SCS Software officials have developed many other truck simulator games such as Scania Truck Driving Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, German Truck Simulator, etc for different operating systems.

UK Truck Simulator game download

The player has to travel as an employee in the eighteen cities of the United Kingdom to deliver and collect the cargo vehicles.

May versions of this game have been released by developers. The latest version of this game was released in 23 Sep, 2010 for Windows and Mac OS. The version at the time was v1.32. After that no new version has been released for this game.


The following features made this game unique and attractive for users. You can check the features before going to download here.

  • Vehicle Simulator Game
  • Developed by SCS Software
  • Join the game as employee of the cargo transportation company
  • Increase your ability by working to buy your own truck
  • Start your own business
  • Purchase garage
  • Expand company offices in different cities of UK
  • Grow your company truck fleet
  • Upgrade your truck
  • Keep on the top conditions
  • Maximize the efficiency (Fuel and Truck Condition)
  • Travel over the eighteen cities of UK
  • Select your cargo from sixty different cargoes
  • Use actual working instrument tools that real truck manufactures using in their brands
  • Exclusive design features such as “low fuel warning light, temperature, gauges, wipers, and flashing indicators.

How to Play Game:

The user starts his/her career with a cargo transportation company that manufactures different types of cargo trucks. In the game there is a rule that the player can work hard and buy his/ her own truck. When he/she buy own truck they can start their own business. The player can buy garages for his/her own company vehicles that his/her company owned.

The player expands his/her company branch office across the whole United Kingdom. Their sub offices in the UK will help the company to accommodate their own growing truck fleet. The player can keep their company vehicles on the top positions for maximize the vehicle efficiency by the upgrading their company truck/ trucks. The efficiency may be fuel or truck condition.

The UK Truck Simulator game is set in the UK’s eighteen (18) major cities. The players travel around the 18 cities to deliver and collect the cargoes. The player can drive as their own company driver after succeeded to buy his own truck.

The developers have design the vehicle by being inspired from seven major truck manufacturers of the UK including the license of the MAN.

While the driving the player can use indicators, check the temperature, gauge, low fuel warning light, and use the wiper to clean the windshield/ windscreen.

System Requirement:

UK Truck Simulator required the following specification to be installed. You can compare your system specification with the required by the game to install on your system. The compatible system specification required by user are;

  • 2.4 GHz dual core CPU minimum
  • 4 GB RAM minimum
  • Required Windows version 7 or later
  • Minimum GTS 450-class of Geforce needed
  • Pixel/ Vertex shader v5.0 minimum
  • Free disk space 150 MB required
  • Minimu DVR 512 MB required
UK Truck Simulator game download

We value our visitors, their questions, feedback, and comments. You can share them through the contact us page, or in comment section. The UK Truck Simulator game free download from the given downloading link below. The latest version of UK Truck Simulator is v1.4.

UK Truck Simulator game offline installer is also available for Windows that you can download from the downloading page. You can proceed to the downloading page by following the downloading button below here.

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